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We Are Oilfree kitchen

Oil free kitchen of Bangladesh has come out of the long standing tradition and making delicious, hygienic food without oil. People think that without oil delicious food cannot be cooked. It is totally wrong. Put in your tongue and you will feel actually it has no taste. Even every spice has a taste. So it means mystery of taste is on spices. "Oil free kitchen" is capable of make any kind of fish, meat, polao, biryani, vorta (bake), fried items and so many tasty items without oil.

Do you think that chickpea, piazu, halim, tikia, chicken kebab, chicken ruler, chicken chop, fish chips, fish ruler egg chop all item can be cooked without oil. Yes, "oil free kitchen" has accomplished this achievement. Without a splash of oil tasty, hygienic, authentic and safe food they are making. Our body needs 18% oil and it is atomically filling from liver, kidney, brain and various foods we take. A splash of excess oil is harmful for our body. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, gastric-ulcer, indigestion and various dangerous diseases cause because of extra oil used in food, It is putting people in the face of death. To keep our body fit, to keep alive, to change the long term food culture and for people’s awareness in Bangladesh "oil free kitchen" is the 1st one which is making authentic, safe, hygienic, delicious food and has started food catering, home delivery services. You should try it and see that oil free food is also very tasty. “Oil Free Kitchen” of “SAAOL Heart Center” is ever ready to provide you oil less and health friendly foods on your family, social cultural, political and many more events. Even this kitchen will provide foods based on classification of diseases- heart, liver, kidney, diabetics, high blood pressure, obesity, gastric, cancer, thyroid, hepatitis, gout, and dengue, TB, pregnant mom, maternity care, and vegetarian’s foods as well. In the human movement at SAAOL you can also participate. Make awareness against such dangerous diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Not just a Kitchen, but Lifestyle

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Meet our team

Mohon Raihan

Managing Director

Mohon Raihan is the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Saaol Heart Centre, Bangladesh. He is a famous poet of independence, equality, revolution and love. Former student leader who is one of the founders of Combined Cultural Alliance and National Poetry Council, General Secretary of Bangladesh Writers Club, Proprietor of Bikalpa Trading, one of the Directors of Bikalpa Foundation.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer


Dr. Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD is a well-known personality in the world of medical science. He is a pioneer in Non Invasive Cardiology in India. Dr. Bimal Chhajer, during this period also got trained by Dr. Dean Ornish, who pioneered the lifestyle treatment in USA and proved Reversal of Heart Disease by his Lifestyle Heart Trial to the medical science. In1995 based on his past research Dr. Bimal Chhajer resigned from the AIIMS and started practically training and treating heart patients by his new treatment called “SAAOL” Science and Art of Living.

Kajol Islam


Kajol Islam is currently working as Chief Operation Executive for Saaol Heart Center (BD) Limited & Oil Free Kitchen. She is the first Oil Free Chief in Bangladesh

Mr. Mahbubur Rahman


Chef - Mahbubur Rahman is currently working as Chef of Oil Free Kitchen. He Previously worked in Ruposhi Bangla Hotel & Hotel Abakash.

Disease Based Foods

Diseased Based Food: Oil Free Kitchen provide specialized food for the following diseases- Heart, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Kidney, Gastrocolic, Cancer, Gout, Dengue, Liver, TB, Hopeful Moms & Nourishing Mom

Home delivery

You can enjoy best quality food in the comfort of your own home with your whole family. We provide you excellent home delivery service.

Catering Service

Life is full of occasions and celebrations. Scrumptious food makes these events long-lasting. YES, we proudly deliver super delicious food and fabulous service

All day long

Oil Free Kitchen provides foods of your choice for all day long. You can order anytime form 8am to 8pm every day.